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Design.Me Hair Products Review

Design.Me Hair Products Review

Y’know when you go to the hairdressers or the drug store and all you need is one can of hairspray? One that’s not too sticky, doesn’t smell like alcohol and doesn’t immediately make your hair feel like you could go into battle with your new shiny, solid AF helmet on? Then you walk up to the shelf thinking it will just be quick.. you end up walking into this vortex of brand names and scents and colours.. aaaaandyou end up leaving with your hair flat and your hands empty because “why the hell can’t there just be one can to choose from that everyone can use?”.

WELL. you guys.. I feel like I have finally. found. the one!


Design.Me Hair has released a 3-in-1 hairspray that is now my #1 styling go to! The nifty little spray nozzle can twist to adjust your hold level to low, medium or high. I always like a nice light spray in the morning that doesn’t get to crunchy in a few hours so that i can re-tousle and re-touch my volume! At work I’m finding myself using the high hold as a final finish on updos to last all night. On top of that it smells like a light mix of rose petals and soft powder (I literally spray it on my clothes after my hair)


They also have a great line of styling products besides the hairspray! Leave in conditioner, quick blow dry spray, texturizing powder and 3 new dry shampoos that I have yet to try! They are a completely cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free and gluten free company.

And how cute is this packaging?!


Have you tried it out yet? What are your favourite hairsprays?

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* please note that I am in no way affiliated with Design.Me and have not been paid to write this review. This is, simply put, just for you! *

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