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4 Essential Hygiene Products For Every Girl On The Go

4 Essential Hygiene Products For Every Girl On The Go

One thing that I’ve noticed year by year is that I get a little bit more obsessive about personal hygiene. When I was younger I was definitely a wash your face every few days, fall asleep with your makeup on, get-yo-body-spray-pumpin’ kinda gal! While I definitely still fall asleep with my makeup on from time to time, I have noticed how much of a routine I’ve started to build up around feeling clean. I’ve come to L O V E the process of taking my makeup off and applying a night lotion before I crawl into bed. (Ummmm… I feel old writing this)

When you’re travelling around a lot, coming in and out of routine schedules, it makes it difficult to feel fresh and ready to go. Here are a few things that I almost always have tucked away in my bag!


Have you tried any of these? What would you add to this list?

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It's okay to change

It's okay to change