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Things To Be Grateful For

Things To Be Grateful For

Excitedly welcoming myself back to the blog this morning! It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance (or the brain power) to sit down and write. I wrote my last post on April 24 and since then, work has exploded. I had 6 weeks of working 5-6 day weeks and was working on creating products for this brand on all of my down time. (I also took the time to visit some friends in the city and explore my ass off which was the highlight of the time I’ve been away from the site!)

Now that I have this little break and work has settled back into my regular schedule I’ve realized what it does to my brain when I get busy that way. It leaves me no room to breathe or think about the most important things in my life. I actually reached a point at the end of May where taking a day off felt physically painful. I dedicated a Sunday to doing NOTHING. Told myself I wouldn’t run any errands, create anything new for business, answer any messages or book any appointments. So guess what I did? 3 loads of laundry, full makeup and hair, cleaned out my attic and meal prepped. Sounds like ‘nothing’ right? Ha! I had to mentally keep telling myself to sit down and not work on things. It did nothing but make me want to cry and pace around my bedroom.

To tell you the truth, I hate that I get this way. It is exhausting to be this addicted to the hustle and bustle. And even though I do it to myself, it is incredibly hard to stop.

I recently purchased a great Time magazine special edition on Mindfulness. It’s been my first attempt at starting to slow down and be a bit more thankful for what I have in my life. One of the very first articles is “How to be centered in a crazy world” and has been a great reminder for me.

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After reading this, I’ve noticed that I’m naturally paying more attention to little things. I’m not typically one to notice when birds are chirping and now it’s all I’ve been hearing this week! We are all so full - of work, of taking care of family or clients, of running errands, of our own busy brains! Don’t let yourself go to long without taking a second to realize there are a lot of great things around you.

A great practice and place to start is to make a list. Write down or mentally pin point 5 things a day that you are grateful for. I promise - it makes a difference! They don’t have to be deep, meaningful things. They can be thing or thought that brings a sense of calm or tugs at your mouth for a smile.

Here are some little things pulled from my list in the last few weeks:

  • Slow mornings with no technology and a simple cup of coffee

  • The food in your fridge and cupboards that are under the roof over your head!

  • The clients or customers that are kind to you

  • The people on the planet that are working to make a difference in any way


  • Fresh, locally grown vegetables

  • Smiling at strangers

  • “Think” by Aretha Franklin (or any Aretha song for that matter.. )

  • Peonies from your favourite flower shop

  • Skinny jeans for curvy girls!

  • Telling someone you love them

  • The feeling of crawling into freshly washed bedsheets

  • Honest conversation

  • The one person that makes you feel safe

  • The freedom to write my thoughts on this blog ♡

Tell me what you’re grateful for! Comment below with one or two or twenty things you feel lucky to have today.

Lastly, I’m grateful for you reading this None of this would be possible without you.


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